Lets build an entire APP #1

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#1 Intro

Last year, i was asked to write a series of technical stories about flutter, and i said, OK, what about I’ll make a APP and share what i learned and there you have, your series of tech stories, and they said YESSS, that’s a great idea, so here we go…

I’ll develop an app about pantry management, and call it Lager ( pantry in Swedish );

I tried, in other story, this type of series and didn’t find motivation to keep the series, so i will try harder this time.


For the backend, we will use NodeJs ( https://nodejs.org/en/ ), MongoDB ( https://www.mongodb.com/ ), Express for api handling( https://expressjs.com/ )

For frontend, Flutter ( https://flutter.dev/), MobX para o State Management ( https://pub.dev/packages/mobx )

For CI/CD we choose Codemagic (https://codemagic.io/start/)

GitLab for code repository ( https://gitlab.com/ )


For the design, we use Sketch (https://www.sketch.com/ )

The Flutter, Android Studio ( https://developer.android.com/studio )

NodeJS, Visual Studio Code ( https://code.visualstudio.com/ )

API test, Postman( https://www.postman.com/ )

For mongoDB, Robo 3T, ( https://robomongo.org/ )

Terminal ( MAC )


Ok, i will split this series in:
#1 Intro
#2 MVP
#3 Design
#4 GitLab
#5 Backend Plan
#6 Development Backend
#7 Frontend Plan
#8 Development Flutter

That is the plan, i don’t know if there will be any changes, but i will keep you posted.

I hope you follow my series, there will be a lot of material to follow!!
Thank you!