Being a scrum master, my main job is to help my teams become more and more effective, and one way to do it is through scrum retrospectives.

I have to be creative all the time to get feedback that really matters and, with my teams, find the best way to…

Para que serve, para quem e como se faz!

O backlog refinement, ou refinamento do backlog, é uma cerimónia não obrigatória do scrum que tem como objetivo detalhar, estimar e ordenar os itens do backlog. Esta cerimónia é um processo constante e iterativo onde o Product Owner e quem desenvolve o produto colaboram para enriquecer o detalhe das US.

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Soooo, this story is a little different from the others …
Is about overthinking…

The human being, by nature, tends to complicate everything in life, both personally and professionally.

It’s in our DNA !!!

We think too much, about what we are going to…

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Before begin, Happy new year :)

So far, i’ve been reading and making some code, but nothing that worth showing.

My thoughts so far:

1- Is not so verbose as i hope

@overrideWidget build(BuildContext context) {
return MaterialApp(
title: 'Welcome to Flutter',
home: Scaffold(…

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Carlos Almeida, 33 years old, married with a beautiful woman, Patrícia, and i’m a UI / Frontend developer with some Backend skills. ( Almost Unicorn ).

I will discover Flutter and explain all the steps i’ve been through.

This is my first…

Carlos Almeida

Hi, my name is Carlos Almeida, i'm from Lisbon, Portugal and i'm a Scrum master | Frontend and Flutter developer.

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